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Todays karate syllabus

KATA-VASA - is a movement involving some blocks, punches and kicks.
GYAKU is reverse. Any punch with opposite leg and hand in the front is called a GYAKU-???-ZUKI.

MAE - Front
YOKO - Side

GERI - Kick

MAE-GERI - Front kick

Pledge: (I don't fully remember)
I student of TATSUKAN-... hereby pledge, .... secrecy.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Todays karate syllabus

4 th block - with the folded fist coming from the ear to the opposite shoulder level blocking with back of the arm.
shuto uke - knife hand block.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Todays karate syllabus

REI is to bow.
YOI is the ready position.
DACHI-REI is to bow in standing position.
ZA-REI is to bow in the kneeling position.
GI is the karate dress.
OBI is the karate belt.

upper block
middle block
lower block


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Third day in Karate class

First, the master should be addressed as RENSHI. Second, the fist should be formed by tightly folding the first fold of the fingers (the first one from the tip), then the second and finally the third. The thumb should then be folded and pressed on the folded index finger - this makes a hard and solid fist. While attacking/defending, the back leg should be straight, the front leg should be slightly bent, both legs diagonally opposite and the feet should be straight pointing to the front.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Second day in karate class

Learnt some more warmup exercises - They really are very effective. Learnt some punches (ZUKI) - upper (JODAN), middle (CHUDAN), lower (GIDAN) and the triple punch (SAN ZUKI).

The Japanese numerals:

1 - Ichi
2 - Ni
3 - San
4 - Yon
5 - Go
6 - Roku
7 - Shichi
8 - Hachi
9 - Ku
10 - Ju

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

First day in karate class

This was a day come true. After long searches and delays, I finally found a karate school and that too a nice one. It's five minutes walk from my house and the style practiced here is Isshinryu. I was thought some warm up exercises and the bowing method (also called as rei). One should bow before the teacher every time before talking to him and at the end of the class. Also at the end of the class everyone should bow to the hall (dojo) as a mark of respect. Rei is performed by keeping the feet in V shape with the heels touching each other, the hands on the side with the palms resting on the side of the thighs and with a slight forward bend with the eyes facing the feet and pronouncing something which sounded like "HOIZ".

Saturday, November 24, 2007

The power of fear

The belief in a supernatural power, that which holds everything in control, that which can overpower humans, that which brings fear in to minds, and that we name as God, has been responsible in holding the humans together and preventing us from destroying each other. Today, I have been watching a documentary about Tibet on BBC. In Tibet the mountains are considered goddess and the lakes are sacred. This belief is deeply rooted in every tibetian and hence will naturally keep him aware of his environment and prevent him from polluting the lakes. Imagine, Had trees been considered sacred how different the world would have been now. I usually favour the idea of educating people and making them aware of the effects of pollution and teaching them to be environment friendly. But in real life it's much easier to achieve the same effect through fear.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

One of those disappointing days

This is one of those days when all news received are bad news. I just entered the office and the first shock was already awaiting my arrival - One of my colleagues mother passed away this morning. She was being treated for jaundice for the past one week. My heart felt condolence to Sivaraman and his family.

There were more bad news awaiting when I came back after lunch - Multiple failures were reported in submitted for certification.

More disappointments were awaiting in the evening.


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Finding a Karate school

For quite some time I have been planning to learn Karate. I started seriously searching for a Karate school since last week. My main criteria were quality of the school and the travelling time and my main reason for learning Karate was to keep myself fit and to increase my reflexes. I picked up a bunch of contacts from the internet and started contacting. Most were far away from my home but I found around 3 schools within 30 minutes travel from home. Yesterday, on contacting one of the schools, I was given a few details and was asked to come in person to get the fee details. I thought that I have found my school. Today morning I went to their school in spite of the heavy monsoon downpour. The details goes like this: 3 classes per week with 1 hour practice every class. The fees was Rs. 2000 per 4 months. I was also informed that there is a one year course costing Rs. 18,000 and that black belt will be awarded at the end of the course. I thought "Man how simple is it to get a black belt", but I had doubts in my mind. I consulted with one of my friends who, as a child, has trained for 2 years. He too had doubts and I decided to ask the more informed people and posted a query on the usenet. The response to which has made me rethink about this school. I am back to square one and have started my search again.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Driving you crazy

With the ever increasing number of vehicles and lack of proper mass public transport system, Chennai roads are becoming worser every day. Lack of courtesy to the fellow road user has made the roads an unpleasant place. One can travel 5 km along any road and easily see one or two instance of quarrels. One of my fried has forwarded this - Driving a cultural change. It's not entirely impossible to get near the goal stated in the link but I believe that no number of rules or enforcement will change the situation. Instead the general attitude of the people should be changed. People should be thought to be considerate to others. Todays news has brought in a little relief, not that the government has changed the rules overnight and the roads will be a different place from tomorrow but because the department has at least acknowledged the fact that we are lacking behind and something has to be done about it. And yes, the driving schools are the right place to start with.

"There is a net addition of about six-seven lakh vehicles on the streets every year."

Thats a woofing sum. Isn't there a city planning / managing division?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Android in the wild

With the release of "Android", Google has triggered another round of internet activity - Which ever site I happen to land on seems to be talking about Android. Here's one for my part, which, I also see, as an opportunity to revive my blog.

Android is a software development kit from Google using which one can develop applications for mobile phones. Mobile phones have gone a long way from being a simple handy used to talk with each other to a fully blown device with capabilities on par with a desktop computer, hence this seems to be a logical move by Google.

Google is not actually manufacturing the hardware but rather gives the software and the tools required to write softwares for the phone. This has opened up a lot of interest and enthusiasm and I can't just wait to see all the different kinds of applications that will be running on the phone and with the announcement of a prize money for the best application Google has intensified the race to write the best application for this platform.

Android comes with an phone emulator where one can test the applications. The emulator seems to be based on qemu which emulates an ARM v5T chip - ARM926J, 96 MB RAM and a lot of other peripherals and runs Linux 2.6.23.

Rather than this, I am actually looking forward for the release of the kernel and other sources that drives the phone.

The future of mobile phone has changed this October 12.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Email post

Post through email:
This is a sample test post via Email

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In new blogger finally.

Finally I have been offered to switch to the new blogger - Looks cool!