Sunday, February 28, 2010

My shortlist of diesel cars

Looking to buy a diesel car with good safety features, comfort and a nice look.

My short list:
1. Fiat Punto - Emotion (~6.5 L on road chennai)
2. Volkswagen Polo - Comfortline (~6.5 L on road chennai)
3. Ford Figo - Titanium (~6 L on road chennai)
4. Maruti Ritz - ?

Tata motors/Fiat showroom, Ambattur:
I was impressed at the solid build of the Punto. One can feel the solidness just by touching the doors. The seats are comfortable and it's easy to get in to and out of the car - thanks to its height and ground clearance. I am very much impressed by this car but waiting to see the Polo before deciding. The only bad part is that sales and service are from Tata and I had a first hand bad experience when I walked in to the show room - There were no body to attend and 5-6 visitors who were looking at the cars. The booking amount is Rs.10K and it takes 15 days to deliver.

Volkswagen showroom, CIT nagar:
Polo will be available in showroom during 2nd week of march. 80 cars have already been booked in chennai. Petrol car delivery starts from April. One have to wait till june for the diesel engine. 50 K is the booking amount and it takes one month for delivery.

MPL Ford, Anna salai:
Figo is already available in showroom but one has to wait another week for a test drive. The 1.4L diesel engine is the same one from Fiesta. The top end model Titanium has airbags and ABS, but no rear power windows. It has an excellent boot space and good leg room at the back. The car doesn't look stylish though. 25K is the booking amount and it takes one month for delivery. Already 240 Figo's are booked in Chennai. (There is also a new MPL showroom near SRP Tools OMR)

Yet to visit a Maruti showroom.