Friday, August 12, 2005

Shattered plans

Beside other things, my plans to develop a zero configuration and easy to use wiki was severely affected due to the said problem in the earlier post.

Other thing being affected is my commitment to regularly post on this blog.
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Disaster has struck

It was july 17, I turned on the PC and was reading mails, suddenly it stopped responding. Restarted it only to find it wouldn't boot. Called the Xeroxtronics helpdesk the next day. The service engineers took the Motherboard and the processor on 19th for diagnosis. The doubt was on the motherboard which had problems earlier also and was fixed. Last time they took the mother board for a repair it was almost a month before they returned it to me. This time I didn't want the same response and requested them to fix the problem at the earliest. But to my despair, this time too the response wasn't any different. Its more than 20 days now and still no information when the pc will be restored. I have made more than 15 calls now. Whenever I call, the response is the same, "Sir, innum rendu naal-la unga motherboard redyagidum", all those promised dates passed but the motherboard wasn't restored. Some days passed and they started a new story, that a new motherboard will be restored. This was to reach me last week but it didn't. When I called them last saturday the status was that the problem was not in the motherboard but with the processor, They promised to restore the pc by this tuesday. But this too didn't happen. When I called up, they had no reply. Only thing they can say is "romba, romba sorry sir(very, very sorry sir)". When I called them today, They have promised to restore it by tomorrow.

I am currently not using this pc for any critical jobs. But i had some plans for this month and this totally irresponsible behaviour of these people at Xeroxtronics had shattered them all. It's not the long delay but the lack of commitment is what makes me tighten my fists.
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