Thursday, November 15, 2007

Android in the wild

With the release of "Android", Google has triggered another round of internet activity - Which ever site I happen to land on seems to be talking about Android. Here's one for my part, which, I also see, as an opportunity to revive my blog.

Android is a software development kit from Google using which one can develop applications for mobile phones. Mobile phones have gone a long way from being a simple handy used to talk with each other to a fully blown device with capabilities on par with a desktop computer, hence this seems to be a logical move by Google.

Google is not actually manufacturing the hardware but rather gives the software and the tools required to write softwares for the phone. This has opened up a lot of interest and enthusiasm and I can't just wait to see all the different kinds of applications that will be running on the phone and with the announcement of a prize money for the best application Google has intensified the race to write the best application for this platform.

Android comes with an phone emulator where one can test the applications. The emulator seems to be based on qemu which emulates an ARM v5T chip - ARM926J, 96 MB RAM and a lot of other peripherals and runs Linux 2.6.23.

Rather than this, I am actually looking forward for the release of the kernel and other sources that drives the phone.

The future of mobile phone has changed this October 12.

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