Monday, November 19, 2007

Driving you crazy

With the ever increasing number of vehicles and lack of proper mass public transport system, Chennai roads are becoming worser every day. Lack of courtesy to the fellow road user has made the roads an unpleasant place. One can travel 5 km along any road and easily see one or two instance of quarrels. One of my fried has forwarded this - Driving a cultural change. It's not entirely impossible to get near the goal stated in the link but I believe that no number of rules or enforcement will change the situation. Instead the general attitude of the people should be changed. People should be thought to be considerate to others. Todays news has brought in a little relief, not that the government has changed the rules overnight and the roads will be a different place from tomorrow but because the department has at least acknowledged the fact that we are lacking behind and something has to be done about it. And yes, the driving schools are the right place to start with.

"There is a net addition of about six-seven lakh vehicles on the streets every year."

Thats a woofing sum. Isn't there a city planning / managing division?

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