Thursday, September 01, 2005

Up and working

Finally the PC is up and working today but not without problems. The service engineer came in the morning with a PCI ethernet card. The motherboard which was previously given as replacement had problems in connectivity. This wasn't the first time i am getting a replacement board. Right from the begining I am facing problems with this board. This one is the third.

My main reason for staying with this board is because of its fairly good linux compatibility. This one is a gigabyte GAK8VM800 motherboard based on the via K8VM800 chipset. It has a VT6420 SATA raid controller, via 82xx audio controller, Realtec 8139 on board ethernet, and via 82xx USB controller - all of which are well supported in linux. The only downside is the onboard S3 unichrome graphics controller which doesn't have linux drivers yet but the vesa drivers serves me very well for my non-graphics intensive work.
tag: {hardware} {experience} {linux}

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