Saturday, December 03, 2016


This thought came up one day when I was in my second job. My first job was all about exciting stuff such as device drivers, firmware for smart card terminals, cryptography and a whole lot of cutting edge technologies, the fancy and glamorous stuff that would be a dream for many aspiring programmers. But I cannot say the same thing about my second job. To my surprise I didn't even realize it till very long into my job. Motorola 68k, serial communication, matrix keypad and text display can’t be called cutting edge even 15 years back, that’s when this thought popped up - What was I doing all these 6 years? Was I in a long hibernation, isolated and lost in the career path? I sure was not idle all these years, rather I was very busy fixing things, so it definitely should have some value addition and learnings that I didn’t realize. That’s when I set out to reflect on my experience working on legacy software and hardware platforms.

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