Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Here it is - Google Chrome

It's here to flame up the fire and I am exploring it right after waking up.

The first thing that can be noticed is the location of tabs, the tabs are located above the url box - It's like different independent browser windows joined together rather than a single window containing different web pages.

The URL is colour coded - The server name appears dark and the rest of the path appears in grey. https is highlighted in green. A tiny thing but it's much easier to identify the server name.

By default there are two processes while opening Chrome. The process count increases on creating the first new tab but subsequent new tabs doesn't increase the process count - The count increases only on loading a page.

Killing a process displays a message in the tab corresponding to that process and doesn't kill the entire browser - Good.

Very spacious - Tabs are merged with the title bar, no status bar, no menu bar.

Acid test results:

Only a boot strap is available for download which in turn downloads and installs the actual browser - This possibly may be for region specific customization but I had prefer the real installer.

- Profiles
- Addons
- Couldn't find offline mode

@Me, should find more time to explore

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