Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Anniyan and 8 of us

Eight of us from SCM decided to watch the evening show of the much awaited film Anniyan. The booking was done yesterday over phone. We were all sitting in Vichu's car by 1800hrs and were ready for the drive through ECR to Mayajaal. It was a cool drive and arrived almost on time for the 1830 show.

This is my first visit to Mayajaal. The pleasant climate added colour to the already nice environment at Mayajaal. The film, with the right mix of all the ingredients, is a really nice one - the best i've ever watched. The first half was light and comical, it was a laughing riot with me almost splitting in to pieces. The second half was thrilling. The end is beautiful.

We drove back with a lot of funny remarks and every one bursting into laughter. We stopped at woodlands and had a nice dinner. A wonderful outing altogether.
tag: {experience} {fun}

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